Clever and Easy

Max Power Smart Monitoring

The Max Power Smart Monitoring is an easy to use, cloud-based monitoring system that allows you monitor your Max Power Solar system performance and energy production.

Key Features:

  • Monitor system performance and production
  • View daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly power production
  • Internet cloud-based system
  • Access via internet from a PC
  • Access via App from a phone or tablet (Android and Apple)
  • Ability to download power production reports.


The Max Power Solar MPS5000 solar inverter is Wi-Fi enabled via a USB key connected wireless dongle. For the Smart Monitoring to work the inverter Wi-Fi needs to be able to connect to a wireless router in your home.

If the wireless router is too remote or the signal is weak you may need to install a Wi-Fi extender to extend the reach of your wireless router to reach the inverter. For more information regarding wireless extenders see