At Max Power Solar We Believe

Solar is good for the planet, it should look great on your home, and be backed with Australian warranties.

Max Power Solar is an Australian solar producer. We specialise in high quality, visually appealing, integrated, all dark solar systems.

The black framed Max Power Solar MPS-390N panels with black cells, and black frames with the all black mounting system create a unique, visually appealing system.

The Max Power MPS-390N is premium panel with dual glass, N-Type cells, and exceptional performance backed with leading Australian product and performance warranties. It is ideally suited for tough Australian conditions. An Australian first from an Australian solar producer, all backed with Australian warranties.

The premium MPS-390N panel combines outstanding technology and looks and is ideal for Aussie homes.

For more information on the new Max Power MPS-390N panel CLICK HERE.



Smart Solar

Monitor your solar energy production and system performance with the smart, cloud-based Max Power
Smart Monitoring System on the internet or through the Max Power App on your phone or tablet.


Flick the Power

The graph shows the real power output of a 6.6kW system in Sydney on the 17th December 2019, a sunny summers day.
The system produced 42kWh of power. If the customer used of all this power at $0.29/kWh they would have saved $12.15
on this one day. Learn about how soon your Max Power system will pay for itself.


Our Manufacturing

The Max Power black framed, dark celled solar panels and the sleek, dark inverters are manufactured in state-of-art facilities
using ISO9001 quality assurance processes. They are designed to seamlessly deliver dependable power production
for many years to come in Australian conditions. All products undergo stringent testing before leaving the factory.