Why Design Aesthetic is Important with Solar.

At Max Power Solar we believe solar is good for the planet and it should look great as well. We have all seen the old solar systems with the blue poly celled solar panels with silver frames mounted on bare aluminium frames on roofs across Australia. For sure these old panels have done their job providing families with free, green renewable energy. But nobody could truly say that they look good.  Modern solar design has evolved and today families are looking for integrated solar systems that not only function well but provide strong visual appeal when installed.

Your home is your largest single asset and people take pride in their home and want it to look smart. Today families not only want solar that is powerful, reliable, and functional, they also want it to look great and compliment contemporary Australian home design when installed.

Modern solar panels with their dark cells in black frames present a more pleasing aesthetic than the old blue Poly celled panels with silver frames. Although the new panels have a smarter appearance, they are still mostly mounted on bare silver aluminium mounting frames and the inverters are just a utilitarian white box mounted on an outside wall of the home with no thought or regard to appearance.

Max Power Solar has listened to customers who want great looking solar for their homes and then evolved it further. Max Power Solar offers Australia’s first visually integrated all dark solar system with all of the key components – the panels the inverter and the mounting system – from the one Australian Solar Company.

To take solar design aesthetic to the next level the system features powerful 370 Watt black framed panels with a black anodized aluminium roof mounting system. The sleek dark inverter looks smart when mounted on the home compared to the old white inverters. Wi-Fi connectivity to the inverter allows smart App based monitoring the system performance and production.

Modern design aesthetic is important, allowing sophistication to meet solar, and smart all dark, integrated solar systems from Max Power deliver strong visual appeal and add value to your home.